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Carpet Cleaning Bend OR.


Don't Get Soaked

Does your carpet need a good deep cleaning? Are you looking for a carpet cleaner that uses a non-toxic, eco-friendly process? At Heaven’s Best, we chase out dirt and eliminate odor for a cleanliness that is top notch. We do this without the use of excessive water or harsh chemicals. We understand you don’t have time to wait for a sopping-wet carpet to dry so we clean your carpet without soaking it. Your carpets are dry and ready for normal use about an hour after we’re done.

No Harsh Chemicals

You spend much of your life in your home and expect it to be safe from anything that could do you and your family harm. The professionals at Heaven’s Best use a gentle, effective cleaner on your carpets. Our exclusive water & citrus based solution is easy on the environment, great for your carpets and safe for your health. You will rest easy knowing your kids and pets can safely play on the carpet since our cleaning solution does not use harsh solvents. You won’t feel a sticky residue afterwards because our process leaves nothing behind but a fresh, clean, soft carpet.

Clean Carpet In Bend Oregon

Our Cleaning Process:

  1. Walk around inspection with customer to identify trouble areas (stains, pet issues, etc.)

  2. Pre-vacuum all carpeted areas to be cleaned

  3. Edge vacuum along walls, doorways and stairs to be cleaned

  4. Pre-treat spots, stains and pet issues with the appropriate products

  5. Apply our exclusive cleaning solution to loosen soil and debris from the carpet fibers 

  6. Scrub the carpet fibers and extract away soil and debris

  7. Apply a stain guard protectant, if purchased by customer, to selected areas. 

  8. Groom the carpet fibers for a clean uniform appearance.

Painless Preparation

There is no need to rearrange your home to accommodate us. Our technicians can work around your beds, couches, and other heavy furniture. We don’t flood the carpet so there’s no chance that water will soak into the pad causing water to migrate and damage your belongings. We'll even pre-vacuum the carpets before your cleaning so you don't have to!

Clean Carpets Last Longer

Having your carpets professionally cleaned is a good investment. That’s because our cleaning methods will extend the life of your carpet. If you allow dirt and debris to accumulate, it will work into the pile, damaging the carpets. We recommend deep cleaning your carpets once a year. For homes with pets and heavy foot traffic, twice yearly cleanings keep dirt under control. Regular cleanings protect your investment, reducing wear from soil and removing stains before they become permanent.

Control Allergens

Whether it’s dust, dust mites, or other allergens, your carpets may be the reason you are coughing, sneezing, or wheezing. There are many ways to potentially remedy the situation. Besides regularly vacuuming, or opening windows for circulation, carpet cleaning can minimize your exposure to these hidden health problems. Heaven’s Best is a family-owned business that has been serving Central Oregon for almost 20 years. Our technicians are professionals, trained and certified in our techniques. We take your safety seriously. Each staff member has passed a thorough screening and background check. Even the most diligent homeowner (or renter) cannot control the occasional spill or stains. Whether or not you avoid those accidents, accumulating dirt, dust and debris is simply a fact of life.

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