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Excellent Wood Floor Cleaning


Deep Down Cleaning

One of the appeals of wood flooring is how easy it is to keep clean. A broom or dust mop or a wet mop and a bucket do fine for light cleaning duties. All are much easier than trying to keep carpet clean, however, even with a regular mop and bucket cleaning, a professional cleaning every so often is recommended to get a true deep clean.

Heaven’s Best Wood Floor Cleaning  


There are many different types of wood floors and even more “cleaning” products out there today but know that our wood floor cleaning products and processes are exceptional and will strip away years of buildup to make your floors look great again. Our cleaning process begins with vacuuming up dust, dirt, and other debris. We then spray down a specifically formulated wood floor cleaning product and scrub the floors using a rotary floor machine and specially designed pads to remove deep down soil from the grain and crevasse. Next we spin a microfiber pad over the floors to "power mop" up anything that might be left behind leaving the floor extremely clean and dry in minutes. Our last step is to polish your floor, restoring the natural shine and luster of its factory finish. With ten times more cleaning power than a mop and bucket, our process will leave your hardwoods clean deep down and looking great.

wood floor cleaning
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